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Nemak Monterrey was the founding plant for Nemak worldwide and it has been running for over 30 years, starting our history in the production of high-tech aluminum components for the automotive industry. Nemak Monterrey started with a single plant and it has grown over the years, reaching six production plants, one Melting Center, and one Machining plant.

As part of our growth strategy, the construction of a High Pressure Die Casting plant started in 2015 for the production of structural components and engine blocks.

Over 7,000 employees are part of the organization, working to ensure the quality of our products and our clients’ satisfaction.

Products & Technologies

The Monterrey facility is the largest site located in Mexico and it is specialized in the production of engine blocks and cylinder heads through the use of Gravity and Low Pressure processes, supplying our products for the most important OEM’s in North America and other regions worldwide.

The new High Pressure Die Casting plant will start operations in 2017, manufacturing structural components and engine blocks. Our constant commitment to innovate and develop new technologies has allowed us to satisfy and surpass our clients’ expectations.

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Nemak Monterrey

Phone: 8748 5200
Libramiento Arco Vial Km. 3.8