Global Coordination
  • Nemak Innovation System (NIS) - ideation and project execution
  • 40 people dedicated to R&D (supported by 200+ employees to develop and execute projects)
  • Focused on customer current and future, electric, powertrain and structural component needs.
  • Awarded with 280 patents
  • 270 scientific papers have been published or presented at international forums
  • New programs and operation support- implementing innovations.
Alloy Systems

Increasing mechanical & mass efficiency.

High performance alloys for high powered engines Mechanical properties and microstructural predictions Body structural casting technologies Thin walls in cylinder heads.

Complex Geometries

Precision cooling concepts to increase thermodynamic efficiency
3D core printing for advanced powertrain prototypes Inorganic binders

Powertrain Component Integration

Mass & volumetric efficiency.

Turbo housing integration to cylinder heads Range extender and aluminium electric motor components.

Surface Treatment Technologies

Bore Coating
Surface treatment fot thermal efficiency Body structural casting technologies Localized properties al critical areas