Value Chain Engagement & Business Integrity

Sustainability has become key, fundamental topic globally and within Nemak. This is particularly true as current national and international regulations and mega trends evolve, thus reflecting Nemak's commitment to strengthen efforts to collaborate to achieve its sustainability milestones. As result, Nemak has developed a governance structure to best develop and execute its sustainability commitments.

We have created a Sustainability Committee for the purpose of guiding and linking the overall sustainability strategy with roadmaps and targets from the specific functions. The committee consists of high-level executives from the various functions such as: Global HSE, Business Development, Manufacturing, Purchasing, Commercial, Governance, Human Resources, Communications, and Investor Relations and meets on a six-week basis.

In addition, Nemak has a dedicated climate task force to set ambitious emission reduction targets in alignment with the Paris Climate Agreement. Their objectives include developing a comprehensive Climate Roadmap to Net Zero for Nemak based on the Science Based targets, identifying both pathways to achieving climate neutrality and ways to reduce Nemak’s vulnerability to climate impacts.