Contributing to a more sustainable mobility

Our drive to be an active part of the global transition towards sustainable mobility.  We integrate Sustainability into our overall Business Strategy, as we focus on improving vehicle fuel efficiency, creating value for our stakeholders, and ultimately strive to enhance overall environmental, social and economic well-being. Through Environment and Climate Innovation, Value Chain Engagement and Business Integrity, we show continued support for our People and Communities.

For a more detailed view of our sustainability framework and KPI’s, please refer to our annual report 2021 and GRI Index 2021

Sustainability Roadmap 2030

Nemak has identified key aspects of an effective sustainability strategy based on our materiality assessment, as we have narrowed down on the areas of increased focus and commitment to long-term priorities in an effort to enhance our contributions toward a more sustainable future. Visit our annual report 2021 for more details.

Our Commitments to SDGs and UN Global Compact

We Support UN Sustainable Goals as well as the UN Global Compact, ensuring we align our strategy and actions to the global aim of improved environmental, economic and social conditions.

Transparency and Disclosures

As our Sustainability Strategy continues to evolve and adapt to the growing pressures from society, stakeholder and customers, we have devoted significant efforts towards improving the level of our transparency. We actively participate and partake in the shown ESG schemes