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Together, we make sustainable mobility possible

Nemak and Controladora Nemak hold General Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meetings
29 JUL

During the meetings, Co-Chairmen of the Board of Directors, presented a proposal to merge Controladora Nemak into Nemak, leaving Nemak as the surviving company, which was approved by the shareholders of each company.

Nemak reports 2Q21 EBITDA of US$150 M
19 JUL

This quarter was marked by a continued recovery trend, as we harnessed new product
launches—including in our e-mobility and structural applications (EV/SC) segment

Nemak announces successful placement of inaugural sustainability-linked Eurobond

The issuance received ratings of BBB- from Fitch, BB+ from S&P, and Ba1 from Moody’s, with a stable outlook from the three rating agencies.

A company of
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