D&I Champions

D&I Champions help to create strategic accountability for results and promote company-wide communication on progress.

D&I Champions as key enablers for UN Women Empowerment Principles and creating and inclusive culture.

I Belong Allies

Our I Belong Allies community support our D&I strategy and are ambassadors, sharing and promoting diversity, equity and inclusion.

International Women’s Day at Nemak

At Nemak we recognize the many achievements of women around the world, but particularly those from the Talent of Nemak. We invite you to watch this video featuring inspiring stories from our female talent, who are constantly promoting a more diverse and equal workplace.

Women in Engineering Day

At Nemak we commemorate Women in Engineering Day, and we recognize the achievements, contributions, and breakthroughs of women, especially our fellow engineers in the regions where we operate.

Female Talent Leadership Journey

In line with our statement of support of the UN Women Empowerment Principles, we are proud to have our global Female Talent Leadership Journey, focused on encouraging female leaders to constant growth but also inspire them to continue developing themselves within Nemak.

Mentoring program for female talent

Nemak Mentoring Program for Female Talent is dedicated to  to support the development through social learning, acknowledging different challenges female talent  face in the workplace and in their career paths  with the support of senior leaders advocating and sponsoring female talent.

BRG Women Belong

Women Belong vision is to nurture an inclusive environment for women across our regions by fostering belonging authenticity, equality & allyship.